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Optimizing customer contact processes. This is our expertise. How?
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We believe that software should perfectly match your requirements. The requirements of our customers. In order to discover what the exact customer requirements are, our support extends beyond software support. We also provide consultancy and support during the implementation. We offer a full-service product.

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“The smart solutions of FLX Solutions fit in perfectly with our business. We offer it to our clients in a complementary way. One of them is a large American organization that does not take any chances at all. Nevertheless, what FLX Solutions has been very successful on the other side of the ocean, and that offers opportunities for deployment to other countries.”
Dennis Baetens
Manager Sales at Custom Connect

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Digital Assistants and customized software robots. This is what we do. Innovative, creative, enterprising and flexible. This is who we are. And because we do what we are good at, we take great pleasure from our work. We also attach great importance to maintaining a personal relationship with our customers and with our suppliers. We believe that having a good relationship with our customers and suppliers is one of the main conditions for a healthy company with long-standing business relationships.

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