what is robotic process automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a simple form of robotization. Software robots take over simple and repetitive tasks: A major efficiency gain for your company.
Robots come in different shapes and sizes. All with one common goal: the automation of human tasks. We divide robots into two categories: hardware and software robots. FLX Solutions focuses on software robots: we use programmes that perform the repetitive tasks to complement and relieve your staff. This means that your staff can focus on complex, more important tasks.


Our software robots optimize logical, business and system processes. Without human interference. In addition, the robots take over parts of processes and thereby act for, but also together with, your employee. RPA collects relevant data, which gives you the opportunity to optimize workflows and operating profits.


The digital RPA transformation solutions offer opportunities in terms of cost saving, revenue growth, quality improvement, employee and customer satisfaction. But these are not the only benefits:

  • Robotic process automation is known for its detailed and accurate performance. We define the rules and the robots accurately follow them. An RPA software robot always performs at the same level of accuracy. Regardless of the number of tasks.
  • Software robots are available 24/7. This may result in an immediate efficiency improvement of 80% and increased productivity.
  • A RPA software robot takes over the manual, repetitive tasks. This creates opportunities for your staff to perform more complex tasks, which will result in increased employee satisfaction.